Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I would love to be able to go to a store, and have someone SHOW me the types of clothing that look great on me, without spending a fortune, or having to change my style completely.


Ronnie –

Drop us a line at Wisdom of Glinda and see what we can do for you. We offer a full range of services that can help. If you are outside of our area of physical reach you could still sign up for online personal shopping. Visit our site and see what we can do for you.



Thursday, August 28, 2008

Color Choices


What do you think of color choices do you go along with seasonal identification like in the book "Color me beautiful"?



I think “Color Me Beautiful” is a great place for people to start. I have had “my colors done” and am a Winter. A lot of the colors outlined for me I never thought I could wear but when I tried them on I was blown away by how great they looked. One such color was navy. I still can’t get over how good I look in navy (lol). I also think its important to branch out and try new colors and try new things. Every season there are new colors introduced by pantone that are naturally not on a “colors” list.

What I think is important is to figure out what’s going to compliment your skin tone. Everyone has different undertones to their skin and when a color has that same undertone it’s really going to make you pop. I know if I put on any color with a pink or blue undertone I look and feel great.

I also think it’s important to trust your gut. There are some colors that you put on and you just feel yucky all day or feel like you look bad. When you come across those colors, clearly avoid them like heck!

I’m a huge fan of experimentation and don’t believe in trapping yourself in a box with that being said I do think that “Color Me Beautiful” is a valid starting place. As you figure out what looks good on you and what works you will naturally be drawn to certain colors and will fill your wardrobe up with them. You definitely want to keep a range of colors and not just settle into one or two. In my closet you will find a wide range of browns, blues, pinks and purples. I try to run the gamut in those color families.

I hope I helped! As always have fun trying new things and seeing what’s going to make you look your best!



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What Are the New Fall Trends?

Dear Glinda,

What’s going to be “in” this fall?


Hi Laurie,

There are actually some fun trends for Fall. There are of course some trends that I’m skeptical of. Let’s start with what I think is great:

1)) Country club chic is in. Think less “I just fell in Lily Pulitzer” and more subtle. A cashmere sweater with dark jeans and a pearl necklace. It’s going to be more about softer prints instead of big, loud ones. Look for vintage-y prints and cuts that are very feminine.

2) Belts are sticking around, which I kind of like. I do believe a belt on a shapeless garment provides instant shape and that a belt can make your waist look smaller.

3)Tailored, knee length dresses with nipped in dresses are going to be everywhere. Very Hitchcock heroine. To keep the look going pair up these dresses with a cropped trapeze jacket.

4)Pencil skirts are sticking around as the work essential. The look is tres chic when accompanied by a cropped belted jacket

5)Statement jewelry is still in. I mean really, does it EVER go out? The standards still apply: big, bold necklaces; swingy, hanging earrings; big chunky artisan looking pieces are in; mixed metals; pearls; and vintage pieces.

6) There is reason to rejoice! Wide leg pants are still rocking this season!

7)Sweater coats and cardigans are big this season. Though I feel like they are such a staple and never really go away.

8) While neutral colors are still going to be prolific this season keep an eye out for rich, gorgeous colors like berry, magenta, emerald, bright yellow, sapphire blue, bold red and purple.

9)Large top handle bags in exotic animal skins (crocodile, snakeskin, ostrich, etc), faux or real

10)Evening wear is still leaning towards the sparkly and fabulous. How could sequins EVEN be out?

Now on to the stuff I’m not so sure about:

1)Plaid. I don’t know I just can’t buy in. I feel like they push this on us every couple of years and I just feel like a rejected extra from Brigadoon – but that’s me.

2)Pleats. I’m in with pleats on stuff like jackets and skirts but I’m afraid this trend may move to pants and that’s a scary thought.

3)Vests. Why do they keep doing this? WHY? If you have boobs you cannot rock a vest.

4)Hats. In theory I love this. In reality its retarded.

5)Peep toe, stiletto oxfords. Let that sink in.

6)Hold on to your hats (HA!) acid washed denim is coming back.

7)Fringe. No.

8)Lace. Again, in theory I like this but I know in practice people are going to look like Madonna circa 1984.

9)Flouncy blouses. This ONLY looks good on super skinny women. I don’t know why the hell designers think normal woman want to cover their bodies with excess fabric.



I hope this helped you out Laurie!



Thursday, August 21, 2008

Exciting Glinda News!

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What's a Sweetheart?

Dear Glinda,

I think your site is great! I especially like the section on Necklines. I always read descriptions in books of styles, but they don't really tell me what they are. Now I know what each neckline looks like. One that I haven't seen and am still curious about – What is a sweetheart neckline?


Dear Cristina,

Great question! I didn’t include the sweetheart neckline in the fashion dictionary because it is fairly uncommon outside of formal wear.

Basically the sweetheart neckline looks like the top of a heart shape. The neckline can be strapless or have straps but it mostly commonly accompanies a halter style.

Image from www.midnightglamour.com

The sweetheart neckline is universally flattering as it provides ample coverage of the bust and its plunging style streamlines the figure. Also the eye follows the shape of "heart" and it makes your bust look fuller and more ample (always good, right?).

Like I said, the sweetheart neckline tends to be most common in formal wear but it is showing up in some more casual styles. Typically in a casual style the neckline is less prominent. So keep an eye out for it when you shop. Like I said it is a universally flattering style.



Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Questions Needed!

Alright guys, the questions have seem to dried up.

If you have a burning fashion or style question please send it my way.

Challenge me - I can take it!

Send your questions to glinda@wisdomofglinda.com

Glinda will never, ever SPAM or sell your information.

Come on guys! No question is too big or too small! Bring it on Ladies! (or gentlemen)



Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Casual Dressing for the Mature Woman

Dear Glinda -

I'm 77 years young and having trouble finding fashionable clothes. I dress casually and cannot wear the tees and blouses because I have the roll around the middle. I can wear a size 10 in pants as long as the waist is elastic, but tops show my roll so I tend to buy XL, which don't really fit. Where can I find nice-looking clothes that aren't old and dowdy? I hate shopping because I cannot find anything that makes me feel good.


Oh, Maggie, we feel for you. There are three main issues in finding clothing for women who are middle-aged and beyond: Age-appropriateness, fit, and lack of availability. As for as age appropriateness goes you should definitely not be raiding your grand daughters closet looking for a great outfit. Anything that is trendy is also going to be an out for you. Women of a certain age look best when they wear more polished and sophisticated looking pieces. Items of clothing that are sort of the “tried and true” of the fashion world. Pieces like wrap blouses, button down shirts, simple sweaters and cardigans, flat front khakis or any flat front pants. These classic pieces wear well and look timeless and casual.

As for fit, well that’s one for the ages. Regardless of age or size pretty much everyone has trouble with properly fitting clothes.

Women put on weight as they get older and weight distributes itself in different places though typically around the middle. Its obvious your efforts at camouflaging your midsection are not serving you. Buying an XL top that doesn’t fit is only going to draw more attention to your middle. When it comes to fit in your tops you need to look for something that is going to skim your body. I imagine an XL is orbiting around your figure. Considering your body shape I would recommend trying tops that are more of a trapeze or empire waisted style. This will help you “hide” your midsection while accentuate your figure in a positive light. (for visual samples of these tops see Glinda’s Fashion Dictionary)

As for trying to find clothes that aren’t dowdy. I would say step out of the “old lady” section of any store. The clothes there are thoroughly depressing. You can search for classic, tailored pieces in any store at the mall. Think Jackie O, think Audrey Hepburn and look for pieces like that. You cannot go wrong with those classic pieces. This will keep you looking sophisticated as opposed to looking like an old fuddy duddy.

Stores like J.Jill, Chico's, and Land's End have fits available that are meant for mature women's bodies, but you won't find out what works for you without trying everything on. The good news is, once you find a store, brand, or style you love, shopping will become much easier.

To get the most out of your wardrobe, look for a few basics that fit well and make you feel great, and then accessorize. Jackets are a great way to polish a look, and they can help to hide a multitude of sins. But, scarves, bright handbags, and jewelry will help give your outfit a modern appeal as well.



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